Thursday, September 2, 2010

Colour Swap

Today I received my Colour Swap from Veronicah in NZ.

I love all of her gifts that she sent. Have a close look at the bag, must of taken her hours to sew on all of those buttons.

Thank you Veronicah for the lovely gifts.


  1. Lots of gorgeous buttons on there, and you're right it looks like a lot of sewing. Beautiful gifts.

    Lucky you.

  2. How gorgeous!!! Oh my goodness..Lucky you... your colour just look amazing... PINK!

  3. I love how everything is in pink You must love that colour? Happy 2nd Birthday to Angus I love his name Big Hugs To Him From Me.
    Hugs Mary.

  4. It does look great. I love the effect of the buttons but only other sewers could appreciate the time it took to sew them all on.
    Love all that PINK !!!

  5. Love the button bag - just gorgeous. What a fun idea for a swap.