Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 The Fresh Start

Don't we all love a fresh start? 2012 is going to be mine. I'm not making new years resolutions, instead I am going to set myself monthly goals.

1. 70 nine patch blocks for a friends 50th quilt (she's 50 2013)
2. Table runner, bedside mat and a door stop for Angus room
3. Bag made from Bliss fabric that I got from my birthday swap
4. I Ufo
5. Loose 3 kilo's
6. Blog more

Stay tuned to see how I go.

I thought I would share my christmas cakes that I made for my family.


  1. Your Christmas cakes look beautiful, I bet they were well received.

  2. Good luck with your monthly goals.
    Love the Christmas cakes. Beautiful decorating!

  3. The cakes are beautiful.... I also like setting myself goals....

  4. Your cakes are amazing. I am sure they were loved by all.
    I am not one to make resolutions either-sure way of not following through. Setting goals is great option-good luck with this month.

  5. Wonderful cakes.....just wonderful!

    Happy New Year!!!

  6. I love your Christmas cakes! They are gorgeous. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. :-) Lovely to meet you. All the best in your weight loss journey. I have been on mine for 2 years and still losing. I have lost has taken me some time with ups and downs.. dont give up... Small losses are good losses... Im looking forward to seeing your creations... Hugs from NZ and Happy New Year

  7. Each cake is gorgeous but the bon bon is my favourite.
    Good luck with your goal list ... I love having a list to keep me on track.

  8. I just love the spotty cake! Too good looking to eat!!!! Liz

  9. What gorgeous cakes. Happy new year, Carol; I hope 2012 treats you well and that you achieve your goals... I've been too chicken to make any resolutions for the year, apart from cleaning up my sewing room; it's still a mess but I am enjoying the process of sorting out and finding things I'd forgotten about.

  10. Gorgeous cakes! That is something I have always wanted to try, but have been too scared ;-)