Friday, March 30, 2012

My new sewing bag

Last year I took part in a birthday Fat quater swap. I received a charm pack and some fat quaters in Bliss fabric so I decided a new tote bag and a sewing caddie.

Thank you girls.


  1. looks gorgeous! I love the bliss range of fabrics. Well done

  2. Your bag turned out lovely,you can't go wrong when working with Bliss :) Barb.

  3. Great bag and lovely fabrics :)

  4. Very pretty and lively. Really makes me want to sew one up :o) In fact, I think I shall when I get my other crafts caught up on...yeah right...I keep adding new ones to the list everyday and I must have a list a country mile long,lol. But I am slowly whittling away at the list as my poor body allows me to.

    I cannot wait to see the quilts you have been working on! I'm assuming why you haven't posted for awhile is because the quilting bug bit you and you are running with it ;o)

    Have a great week hun! {{{hugz}}}