Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Sasha" The Travelling Stash

I recently had "Sasha" arrive at my house. Cassie put together a parcel and forward to the next person on her list. We could take out what we wanted and replace with similar products. It arrived looking like this.


 This is what I took out.


What I replaced it with



  1. oh WOW, I have seen the one going round the USA, but not a local one - what a good idea ;-) love the fabrics you put in ;-)

  2. Hi Carol...can you please contact me about the FRIENDS swap....thanks, Khris

  3. Oh I wondered who had made that cute little notebook. Not that I have blogged about her yet - just getting over Farah today and then will do Sasha tomorrow! But I have snavelled the notebook up for two reasons one cause it will be brilliant in my handbag and two cause I want to reproduce them for the Mother's Day stall at school next year. Thanks so much.