Monday, April 8, 2013

What I finished over the weekend

My mum and sister bought me a portable lamp to take on sewing days.  So I made it a bag to protect it.  Mine is the Pink one and my sister's is the cream one. (she got a new lamp too)
Angus has a birthday to go to at the end of the month so the request was for a spiderman bag, so I got busy making another one.  I can see lots of his friends getting them this year.
I have also completed Block 4 of Rosalie Quinlan Redwork Christmas, I am enjoying sitting at night doing these.
I'm off now to prepare Rosalie Quinlan Little Cottage using felt, It will be the first time I have made something in felt.


  1. Love what you've been making Carol. You are on a roll with your BOM too

  2. Great idea for the portable light.... and I love Angus' spiderman bag.... the stitchery is lovely too and I hope you enjoy your felt project...