Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's a Redwork Christmas and a Christmas in July Swap

This week I finished block 7 of It's a Redwork Christmas.  2 more blocks to go then I have to think about putting it together.
My Christmas in July swap need to be in the post on the 15th July  so I was early and it went today wonder where it's heading North, East, South or West mmmmmmm.  This one is a Secret so I hope my partner likes what I made and sent.  Will reveal on the 25th when we are aloud to open it.

Tonight I finished cleaning out my scrap box, I sorted out all the 2.5, 3,4 and 5 inch scraps into bags and the larger pieces sorted them too, so now I dont have to rumage through the box to find something.

Now im off to hit the Ufo box again and find some hand sewing for tommorow.


  1. That's a lovely block....

  2. lovely block and how exciting xmas in july parcels are everywhere,cant wait till the 25th.xx

  3. Beautiful block.
    Your Christmas parcels look great. Mine went out today. Dontcha just love swaps!

  4. I love your red work Christmas blocks! Mmm those parcels look very interesting....I'm looking forward to seeing what we all got in this parcel went all the way to NT!