Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day Swap

My first swap for the year.  Anorina over at Samelia's Mum had a Valentine's Day Swap.  Simone was my partner, having found out a bit about her and her girls I decided to make a few things for her to share the love.

This is what I sent her
A close up of the cushion.  I have never made a cushion before loved how this turned out.

The back.


  1. I love the cushion and I would never have known this was your first. You must make more!
    I absolutely loved all of my gifts. Thanks for being my swap partner.

  2. Your partner is so lucky. The things you have made are adorable!

  3. Gorgeous!! Simone will surely be pleased :)

  4. Lovely gifts! That cushion is gorgeous :-)