Saturday, May 21, 2016

Friday night sewing

Not a lot to show.

I made and sewed on binding to a friends quilt ready for pick up Sunday.
Prepared Instalments five,six,seven, and eight of Rosalie Quinlan Best Friends Forever bom.   This is the year to get it finished.  I also worked on installment four.

Then I got my things ready for a sewing day in Monbulk, will be back tomorrow with lots of pictures of the day.


  1. Hi my lovely friend ,boy you have been busy,I look forward to your next post xx

  2. Good work with getting the binding on. Enjoy your days sewing.

  3. You are a goodie to sew on that binding. Hope you had fun with Lisa, looking forward to seeing the pictures.

  4. Nice to get the binding ready to stitch on....
    Looks like a fabulous day out in the previous post....
    Lots of goodies and delicious food....

  5. Such a pretty binding :) Lovely to get some prep work done, now you can just stitch whenever the mood strikes :)