Monday, November 21, 2016

Finishes, Stitched in Time and Friday night sewing in

I am loving getting a lot of Ufo's finished, most of the seem to be Christmas.
 Fig 'n' Berry Christmas
Fig 'n' Berry  twas the night before Christmas
 These were our goodie bags that were on our table at Stitched in Time run by Gail Pan and Ramona Hermann on the 12th November.
 Inside was all these fantastic Kits.
First one I finished I made into a  cushion (Angus has already claimed it)
Next was Holly Christmas Sack
These were Gails kits already sewn and ready to make up.  Christmas banners.
I am thinking of making these into little bags.  Pattern is Decorate for Christmas.

It was another fantastic day meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.

I am on a mission to get most of my Ufo's finished this year at this rate I will be left with 2 bigger projects, so next year I can start on my huge pile of kits to make.

Today is going to be 38 degrees so a good day to sew and be on fire watch.


  1. Wow. I didnt know you were so talented. They look great.

  2. Good for you. I am planning on a HuGe 2017 for finishes for me...
    Well fingers crossed anyways xox

    1. One at a time for me. It feels great when you see the pile going down

  3. You are doing really well working on finishes your projects...good luck.

  4. You are one busy your projects!

  5. Great finishes Carol and loved our day at Stitched in Time