Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 New year

The last few weeks of 2016 were very busy.  I had a special 0 birthday and lots of Christmas events to attend.

I have started the new year doing some hand stitching.  Lisa's (Fig n Berry) Twas the night before Christmas bom from 2016.  I am now (6 months behind).  Lisa has a new bom starting Feburary so im hoping to get this one nearly finished before the next one starts.

The other night I felt like knitting so I made some more fancy coat hangers for my dresses to stop them falling off.

This year I plan on finishing a lot of kits and using up fabric that I have.  No more impulse buying  I need to use what I have and buy to finish things off.  I am feeling very overwhelmed with the amount of things I have everywhere.

This year is about clearing out things I don't use or need, making things easier to get to.  Spending more time with my boys and doing a lot of fun things.

Happy New Year  


  1. You sound as if you have a pile of fabric and unfinished projects like I do - it is a nice feeling to finish them off. Your embroidery is lovely as are the very handy covered coathangers. Good luck with your 2017 goals!

  2. So pretty those stitchery blocks - great goal of catching up on the BOM! Best of luck! And I look forward to seeing the result!

    Great idea n the coathangers!

  3. Such pretty coathangers. Good luck with your goal.

  4. Sounds the same as me. I plan on finishing of UFO's and doing kits I have already got. No fabric buying here

  5. Lovely knitted coat hangers...xox

  6. I love your Fig and Berry stitcheries - good luck with the power stitching before the new BOM starts! Lovely coat hangers too - and very handy.