Saturday, October 25, 2014

Where have I been ???/ Angus Birthday

Just after my lost post I had a bad fall and ended up in hospital for a total of 6 days, and a trip to surgery.

Yes I was in a bad way, (photo's taken 3 days apart ) It took me a while when I got home to be able to do most things, and no sewing for a few weeks.

I received lots of well wishes, flowers and this beautiful mug rug from Anorina, thank you I love it.
Then Angus turned 6  hasn't that time gone fast, her we are having yum cha for his birthday.A friend made his cake, isn't it stunning.


  1. Oh Carol, your bruises look so terrible.... glad you are okay... and happy birthday to Angus... he is growing so well and looks so healthy and happy...

  2. oh my goodness sweetie you looked dreadful! I truly hope that you are fully recovered and doing much better! xoxo

  3. Oh boy my friend I feel like crying and it looks so painful you poor girl,so glad you are all okay now.And happy birthday to your sweet young man he is such a joy to be around,sounds like he had the perfect day.xx

  4. The cake is wonderful! Cute cute blog as well!